Project co-financed
by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of the Republic of Poland

The main aim of the Polish Decentralisation Guidebook that is being developed as part of the project is to present in a synthetic way the experience of Poland regarding the re-introduction of the local government and decentralisation process since 1989. It is to provide the representatives of central and regional authorities, experts and representatives of opinion-forming circles in Armenia and Georgia with relevant information and knowledge. The idea of the authors of the Guidebook is to facilitate mutual learning between the countries, exchange of good practices and lessons learnt.

The Guidebook will be comprised of four main parts. The first will be devoted to the presentation of the Polish experience in five selected areas:

  • Empowerment of local communities
  • Financing of local government units
  • Providing public services
  • Absorption of external funds by local governments
  • Crisis responses

The second section of the Guidebook will be dedicated to the presentation and analysis of needs and main blocking points in decentralisation in Armenia, while the third one will concentrate on Georgia. Both of them will be structured around the five above-listed areas.

The last but very most important section of the Guidebook will provide a set of recommendations for Armenia and Georgia based on the Polish experience in introducing the local government and decentralisation.

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